Water Softeners & Filtration in
Houston, TX

How Water Softeners Help

Do you have a flaky white substance collecting on your sinks, showers, and tubs?  Soapy film across glass and other surfaces? These are all signs of hard water in your plumbing. We know here in Houston, hard water can be a real pain.  We don’t just mean an inconvenience.  It can eventually lead to serious damage to the plumbing system and the appliances in your home.

We have found the best solution to hard water is the installation of a Whole House Water Softener System. These water softener systems will help eliminate the minerals found in hard water.  They “soften” the water and make it suitable for household plumbing.  Our team is trained and experienced using North Star Water Treatment Systems.

Water Softener System

Water Filtration System

Water Testing & Whole-House Water Filters

Get in touch with our specialists for water testing to find out how to best filter and purify your water.  We will run tests and provide you with a full breakdown of the impurities affecting your water.  Then we open the discussion of how to go about fixing the issue. You may need water filters, or perhaps a powerful reverse osmosis system or a water softener. We recommend a UV water purifier if there are any bacterial problems in your water.

Water Treatment Services in Houston, TX

MHB Plumbing Services specializes in the installation and maintenance of Whole-Home Water Treatment systems including:

  • Whole Home Water Filtration Systems
  • Whole Home Water Softener Systems
  • Carbon Block Water Filters
  • Regenerating Carbon Filters
  • FlowTech Descaling System
  • Limestone Prevention System
  • Water Quality Testing
  • Water Quality Solutions

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Michael showed up right on time and was very knowledgeable and forthcoming about the issue we were facing. He did a great job fixing it and provided some really good advices for the other concerns we had, instead of just trying to sell us more services. Will totally work with him again in the future!

- Cedric K.Houston, TX