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Your Go-To Emergency Plumber

Plumbing emergency situations are often unexpected and can affect your quality of life in a big way. MHB Plumbing Services offers you much needed peace of mind in knowing our emergency plumbing experts are available 24/7 no matter how big of the plumbing issue.

Plumbing emergencies are typically the plumbing interactions that homeowners remember most vividly. Keep our number handy to ensure the expert plumbing contractors you can reach any time will arrive promptly and take care of your plumbing issues head on. In Houston, TX and the surrounding areas, the professional plumbers at MHB Plumbing Services are ready to for any plumbing emergency.

What Counts As a Plumbing Emergency?

It’s not up to us to decide if a problem requires a midnight phone call and immediate plumbing assistance. However, you can depend on us to take the issue seriously, respond rapidly, and complete whatever work needs to be done in a timely fashion. It’s always better to err on the safe side when it comes to plumbing issues.


We would like to point out are some specific situations where you’ll need immediate plumbing help. Here are some plumbing problems that call for a fast professional response day or night:

Broken pipes:  Due to some harsher winters, these have been a real issue here in Houston. Broken and burst pipes, indoor and outdoor, can start to flood parts of the house, patio, and yard. They must be fixed right away. Knowing where the shut–off valve for the water main is crucial so you can stop the water flow before calling for repairs.

Overflowing toilet:  Your first step should be shutting the feed valve or pulling up the chain in the tank. Then call a professional plumber to get help right away, especially if sewage water has leaked into the bathroom.

Loss of freshwater (tap water):  This is typically a municipal problem, but you’ll need to see if your neighbors are experiencing a similar issue. If your home is the only affected water line in the neighborhood, then call for emergency plumbing service to diagnose and repair whatever the problem may be with your main line.

No hot water:   Our plumbing services also include repairing and replacing water heaters. Families need hot water and most of the time can’t wait for a plumbing company to open the next morning.

24/7 Emergency Plumbing from Experts in Spring, TX

Not all plumbing companies are the same. You can always rely on MHB Plumbing Services and our licensed plumbing technicians to be here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our job is to assist you with whatever plumbing emergency you have—and we’ll arrive promptly and ready to get to work. Our customer–first approach sets us apart from the competition. Call us today to handle your plumbing emergency needs.

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MHB plumbing responded almost immediately after I posted the job, and was very responsive during all communications. I was in a bit of a time crunch, and Michael from MHB was able to provide an estimate & complete the job within 48 hours of creating my job post. He was flexible & accommodating with scheduling, seamlessly professional, and conducted quality work for a reasonable price. I will definitely hire again for future projects.

- Jennifer C.Houston, TX