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Commercial Water Heaters

You’ve found the right contractor to handle your commercial water heater needs in Houston, TX and surrounding areas. MHB Plumbing Services takes a customer-first approach and attention to detail that sets us apart from the competition. We are committed to be the best in current industry practices and only use the most advanced technology. Contact us to arrange for new water heater installation or other service you may require for reliable and energy-efficient water heating for your commercial building and office space.

Water heaters are a necessary part of the plumbing in most businesses and office spaces. There are few companies that can get along without a working water heater. Does your company have the right type of water heater? Is your current unit in need of repairs to restore it? Or perhaps it’s time for a water heater maintenance inspection and tune-up? For any of these services and more, call on MHB Plumbing Services. We are licensed and experienced commercial plumbing and heating technicians in Houston, TX.

Commercial Water Heater Options

Storage water heaters are the most common type of water heater found in commercial and residential spaces. This is an effective way to deliver hot water, although it is space–consuming and more energy consuming than tankless water heaters. They also lose heat through the walls of the tank, requiring power periodically to raise the water temperature again.

Tankless water heaters are a becoming more and more utilized in commercial buildings and office spaces. A tankless system heats water whenever a tap or appliance comes on making a request for hot water. Your business, big or small, can meet your employees hot water demands by installing a system of tankless water heater units while also cutting down on energy use. Best of all, there’s no danger of running out of hot water!

Commercial Water Heater Repair Services

Saving money for businesses is a big deal. Water heaters can require a significant amount of the energy during a year. This also means a large amount of wear and tear can be expected for water heaters—which often turns into malfunctions. As soon as you notice anything wrong with the hot water supply in your building or notice signs of leaking or corrosion on the water heater itself, contact the repair technicians with MHB Plumbing Services. We’re ready 24 hours a day to respond to your water heater emergencies.

Regular Water Heater Maintenance in Spring, TX

When it comes to appliances, you want to avoid emergency repair calls if at all possible. This is why we offer scheduled commercial water heater maintenance. Our water heater experts use their best skills to inspect and tune–up your water heater to ensure your system stays in top condition. You can feel confident in your commercial water heater system as a maintenance plan customer with MHB Plumbing Services.

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They did an excellent job - so very professional and offered fair pricing. They took the time to explain everything to me and made recommendations. I also love the fact that they offer a reasonably priced warranty program!

- John D.Houston, TX