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Commercial Plumbing

Commercial buildings and multi-family residences such as apartments or condos rely on pipes, drains, and plumbing fixtures in one way or another. Plumbing is a vital part of daily activities for most businesses. For a commercial establishment to remain up to code, it must receive professional plumbing services and routine maintenance. Only professional plumbing contractors trained to work on the requirements and scale of commercial plumbing are qualified for this type of job.

So don’t trust your business in Houston, TX to any commercial plumbing company except the very best. MHB Plumbing Services is a full commercial plumbing service company serving contracts throughout the greater Houston area. From simple repairs to complete installations we handle it all. Our customer-first approach sets us apart from the competition.

Why You Need a Commercial Plumber

Residential plumbing issues can sometimes be fixed by just a quick turn of a wrench or the push of a plunger. You’re mostly dealing with clogged sinks, leaky toilets, and other minor plumbing problems. Commercial plumbing problems present a much higher standard required for repairs when it comes to health codes. There is a real danger of water damage or a health code violation if you permit amateurs or a “handyman” to perform the repairs. We urge our commercial clients to always call licensed plumbers with experience on commercial plumbing systems to handle their repairs and installations.

Our Commercial Plumbing Services

From freshwater plumbing, sewage systems, the water heater, the pipes, and the special appliances, we cover all parts of a commercial plumbing system. Our expert plumbers know how to work with all of these components and get the job done accurately each time.

You can look to our plumbers for all kinds of commercial services. Here are a few of our Commercial Plumbing Services:

Grease traps Commercial kitchens and food service companies often utilize these and grease traps need periodic cleaning and maintenance to ensure an establishment is up to code.


Commercial water heaters:  These units can be an energy-consuming problem for commercial buildings. Water heaters are utilized many times each day and often do not last as long as residential water heaters.


Leak detection and repair:  Hidden leaks can have a major impact on your overall plumbing system. We use modern technology to locate the leaks and diagnose how to repair them with minimum disruption.


Pipe repair and replacement:  Repairing and replacing pipes comes with the territory. We understand how construction works and which types of pipes can be found in different buildings.

The Commercial Plumbers You Need in Spring, TX

We employ the latest in the technologies available for the plumbing industry. When you are searching for plumbing service for your business in Houston through our Spring, TX office, you can trust that only top plumbing contractors will be working with you. All of our technicians receive top–level training and aim to communicate effectively with all customers. Call us today for your Commercial Plumbing needs.

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They did an excellent job - so very professional and offered fair pricing. They took the time to explain everything to me and made recommendations. I also love the fact that they offer a reasonably priced warranty program!

- John D.Houston, TX